Voltage / Temp. / Humidity / Pulse / Logic / AC current / Power / Accelaration / illuminance UV / CO2

- "고전압" 모델과 "표준" 모델 2가지 제품 구성

- 3종류의 입력 방식(Logic/Pulse, 아날로그 신호, 디지털 센서)

- 무선 LAN 유닛으로 Wireless 계측

- GL100과 연결 가능

- 최고 10ms 샘플링 속도

- 4GB 메모리로 장시간 수록 가능

  • Item Description
    Model number GL840-M GL840-WV
    Number of analog input channels 20 channels in standard configuration, Expandable up to 200 channels
    Number of analog input terminals Up to 10 terminals (20 channels / terminal), standard config: 1
    Type of analog input terminal Multi-input type, Withstand-voltage type
    Port for digital sensor 1 port for the sensor/input terminal/adapter of the GL100
    External input/ output *1 Input *2 Trigger or Sampling (1 channel), Logic/Pulse (4 channels)
    Output *3 Alarm (4 channels)
    Sampling interval 10 ms to 1 hour (10ms to 50ms: voltage only) *4, External signal
    Time scale of waveform display 1 sec. to 24 hour /division
    Trigger, Alarm function Trigger action Start or stop capturing data by the trigger
    Repeat action Off, On (auto rearmed)
    Trigger source Start: Off, Measured signal, Alarm, External, Clock, Week or Time Stop: Off, Measured signal, Alarm, External, Clock, Week or Time
    Condition Setting Combination: OR or AND Analog signal: Rising (High), Falling (Low), Window-in, Window-out Logic signal: Pattern (combination of each input signal in high or low) Pulse (number of count): Rising (High), Falling (Low), Window-in, Window-out
    Alarm output Outputs a signal when alarm condition occurs in the input signal *5
    Pulse input function Rotation count (RPM) mode Counts the number of pulses per sampling interval and converts to rpm (rotations per minute), Number of pulses for one rotation can be set to 50, 500, 5000, 50k, 500k, 5M, 50M, 500M rpm/F.S. (rpm./Full Scale)
    Accumulating count mode Accumulates the number of pulses from the start of measurement 50, 500, 5000, 50k, 500k, 5M, 50M, 500M C/F.S. (Counts/Full Scale)
    Instant count mode Counts the number of pulses per sampling interval 50, 500, 5000, 50k, 500k, 5M, 50M, 500M C/F.S. (Counts/Full Scale)
    Calculation function Between channels Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division for analog input
    Statistical Select two calculations from Average, Peak, Maximum, Minimum, RMS
    Search function Search for analog signal levels, values of logic or pulse or alarm point in captured data
    Interface to PC Ethernet (10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX), USB (Hi-speed), WLAN (using B-568 option)
    Storage device Internal Built-in 4GB Flash Memory *6
    External One SD card slot (Support SDHC memory card, up to 32GB) *7
    Saved contents Captured data, Setting conditions, Screen copy
    Capturing mode Mode: Normal, Ring, Relay Ring: Saves most recent data (Number of capturing data: 1000 to 2000000 points) *8 Relay: Saves data to multiple files without losing data until dada capturing is stopped
    Replay data Replays captured data that was saved in the GL840 (in GBD or CSV format)
    Scaling (Engineering unit) function Measured value can be converted to specified engineering unit • Analog voltage: Converts using four reference points (gain, offset) • Temperature: Converts using two reference points (offset) • Pulse count: Converts using two reference points (gain)
    Action during data capture • Displaying past data (using dual display mode (Current + Past data)) • Hot-swapping the SD memory card • Saving data in between cursors
    Display Size 7-inch TFT color LCD (WVGA: 800 x 480 dots)
    Language English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Japanese
    Information *9 Waveform in Y-T with digital values, Waveform only, Digital value, Digital values and statistics values
    Operating environment 0 to 45 ºC, 5 to 85 % RH (non condensed) (When operating with battery pack 0 to 40 ºC, charging battery 15 to 35 ºC)
    Power source AC adapter 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (1 pc of adapter is attached as standard accessory)
    DC power 8.5 to 24 V DC (DC drive cable (option B-514) is required)
    Battery pack Mountable two battery packs (battery pack (option B-569): 7.2V DC, 2900mAh)
    Power consumption *10 Max. 38 VA
    External dimensions (W x D x H in mm, Excluding projections) Approx. 240 x 158 x 52.5 Approx. 240 x 166 x 52.5
    Weight *11 Approx. 1010 g Approx. 1035 g

    *1  Input/Output cable for GL (option B-513) is required to connect the signal.
    *2  Input signal;
    Voltage range: Up to 24V (common ground)
    Signal type: Voltage, Open collector, Contact (relay)
    Threshold: Approx. + 2.5 V (Hysteresis: Approx. 0.5V (2.5V to 3V))
    *3  Output signal: Open collector (pull-up to 5V by 10kΩ resistor)
    <Maximum rating of the output transistor>
    Voltage: Max. 30V,
    Current: Max. 0.5A,
    Collector dissipation: Max. 0.2W
    *4  Minimum interval varies by number of channels used.
    *5  Output port can be specified in each input channel.
    *6  The built-in Flash memory is available for units with serial numbers C604XXXX or later. Please contact your local representative for more information.
    *7  SD memory card cannot be used on the SD card slot while the wireless LAN unit (opton B-568) is used.
    *8  Size of the capture data will be limited to 1/3 of available memory.
    *9  Display mode is switched every time the dedicated key is pressed. In magnified digital value mode, the  displayed channel number can be specified.
    In the waveform display mode, the changing of the time scale will  be effective from the point of the next displayed data.
    *10  Rating under maximum power consumption using the AC adapter, with LCD display on, and battery pack(s)  being charged.
    *11   Excludes AC adapter and battery pack.

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